Farley Printing

Direct Mail Services

Direct Mail

Save Time

Your mailing date is scheduled at the same time your printing order is placed. Typically we address and mail your mailer the same or next day after production is completed on it.

Faster Post Office Turnaround

We barcode each address so that your mailpiece goes through the post office's automated system faster than regular printed addresses.

List Certification

We will CASS certify your list to ensure that the addresses are valid. We also remove duplicate addresses so you won't pay for postage twice. We also provide NCOA processing - if mail recipient has change of address on file at USPS, address is updated when we submit your file. The changes are available to customers for their records.

Submitting Your List

We accept database files. We prefer any CSV (comma separated value) files or Microsoft Excel. Please email lists to maildept@farleyprinting.net

First Class vs. Standard Mail

First-class automated mail should arrive in the customers hands 1-4 days after USPS has received your postcards. Pieces that have a bad address will be returned. The minimum amount for this service is 500 pieces.

Standard mail should arrive ini the customers hands 6-12 business days after USPS has received the mail. Pieces with a bad address will not be returned. The minimum amount for this service is 200 pieces.